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Dezi Website

Hello everyone!

My name is Deserae, but some call me Dezi. I was born and raised in Buffalo, Minnesota. I graduated from P.C.I. Academy in Plymouth in June of 2017. Since then, I worked at a salon in my hometown, but have now relocated to Minneapolis to begin my career as a Curl Stylist!

As you can imagine growing up in a small town made it hard for my mother to bring my sister and I to the salon. Most stylists had no idea what to do with highly textured hair, besides relaxing or straightening it, and as a result, I spent most of my childhood with straight hair. When I became an adult I realized it was time to make a difference for other curly women who struggled with the same childhood hair issues that I had. I joined Uptown Curl in February of 2018 and look forward to completing my Level 2 Deva Advanced Stylist training at the DevaCurl Academy in New York in May. I love the decision I’ve made to specialize in curly hair and I work with the most beautiful people!

Dezi received Curly World Curl by Curl cutting training with Lorraine Massey in December 2019.