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Welcome to the Uptown Curl Blog!

The first time I visited Uptown Curl I never wanted to leave (if you’ve ever been to an Uptown Curl location you can probably relate).

What is Uptown Curl?

Logo Uptown Curl

Uptown Curl is a Minnesota based salon focused on the betterment of curly hair. Since opening in 2014, Uptown Curl’s rapidly increasing popularity has led to the opening of two additional locations in Stillwater, MN and Menomonie, WI. 


Uptown Curl’s Mission


Director Kristy Wilson built Uptown Curl on the belief that curly hair should be celebrated, not censored. Kristy has been a Curl Stylist since 1988 when her highly textured curly hair become too unmanageable for her poor mother to deal with any more. Kristy has been a Level 2: Deva Advanced stylist since 2012 when she attended the Deva Curl Academy in NYC. She returned to the academy in 2015 for PsyCurlogy training and later that year was one of the first stylists in the country to become a Level 3: Deva Certified Stylist. 


Curly Hair Blog On-Call

So who’s writing the blogs? That’s me! Hi, I’m Nora, I’m a content writer and blogger from Minnesota and one of my favorite fun facts to share with new people is that in 10th grade my hair went from straight to naturally curly practically overnight. 

Because I was so late to the curl game I became a huge curl-enthusiast right away. Seriously, I’m as thirsty for quality curl-education as a head of low-porosity hair thirsty for some serious moisture…which is why I turned to Uptown Curl when my horror-story chain-salon haircuts just weren’t cutting it.

If it was up to me, I’d spend all day in the styling chair: picking the Uptown Curl stylists curl-knowledge filled brains, swapping Pre-Curly-Girl-Method horror stories with the 4a curl-goddess next to me, and oohing and ahhing over each individual head of curls that bounced through the doors. At night I’d grab some curl-literature, have Kristy tuck me in with a styling cape blanket, and fall asleep on a silk pillowcase with visions of Jessicurl products dancing through my head. 

Yes, I know this is wishful thinking and I eventually realized that unless Uptown Curl opens a curl-friendly B&B (a girl can dream) I’d have to find another way to get my 24/7 curl fill, which is why Kristy decided an Uptown Curl Blog was the perfect solution.

This blog is a place for you and your waves, curls, and coils to soak up a little extra TLC between haircuts. While I can’t offer you a seat next to a stylish decor pillow, or a beverage while you wait, I can offer you worlds of curl wisdom from some of the most knowledgeable curl experts in the Midwest and beyond.

As You Read this Blog were You Ever:


Wondering how my hair could go from straight to curly overnight?


Curious about what I meant by low-porosity?


Questioning my use of the term Curly Girl Method?


Confused by the mention of 4a hair?


Asking yourself, “Who’s Kristy?” and,  “Why a satin pillowcase?” and,  “What’s Jessicurl?”


Don’t worry, I had a ton of the same questions. I’ll be working to answer all of them while also keeping you updated on all the amazing things Uptown Curl has in store for you and your curls. When you enter an Uptown Curl Salon, your stylist’s main concern is that you feel safe putting your hair in their hands, when you visit this blog rest assured that I am giving you advice and information backed by hours of research and straight from the mouths of Uptown Curl Professionals. So sit back, fluff those curls, relax, and read!

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