A Gray or Silver Transition involves special coloring techniques that help you grow out your natural gray, silver or white hair. Some women desire to grow out their natural color completely and stop coloring once and for all, while others only want to grow out some of their gray and blend it with natural hair coloring effects so they can greatly reduce the frequency of coloring their hair and/or get used to going gray.

There are many different ways to approach transitioning and it depends entirely on a few factors such as:

– How much density of white, gray or silver you have growing in. For example, some women are 100% white at the roots, while others are only 50% silver, or some women are only gray in the front, while others have an even amount of gray dispersed throughout, etc.

– What color you have been coloring your hair to cover your gray and how many levels of contrast exist between that color and your natural. For example, a woman who has white roots but has been coloring her hair very dark brown or black will have a very different journey than someone who has been coloring their hair blonde.

– How long your hair is and how long you want to keep it throughout the journey. This is different for everyone. Some women will choose to take the leap by getting “big chop” to remove most of their previously colored hair quickly, while others opt to keep it long so their journeys take longer. There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what YOU want.

Whatever approach we choose, the goal is always to make you feel confident and beautiful while you grow out your natural color.

We use primarily foil highlighting, however we may also do hand painted low-lighting. Kristy has designed her own set of techniques that are customized for you. She is very experienced in this type of coloring and has helped many, many women “ditch the dye” and show off their beautiful, natural hair color.

For more information about Kristy’s techniques, and to find advice and inspiration about going gray gracefully pick up a copy of “Silver Hair A Handbook” by Lorraine Massey. Click here to order!

Kristy is the only stylist performing this service currently.