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Do you do Olaplex and Deep Conditioning treatments?2020-09-11T10:43:59-05:00

Yes we do! You can do a stand alone treatment and book it as a “Treatment with Style” or add a treatment to any cut or color service by selecting a “Treatment Add-on”.

Do you do perms, relaxers, keratin treatments or blow outs?2020-09-11T10:41:41-05:00

No we do not.

Do you do dreads or speciality braiding services?2020-09-11T10:41:26-05:00

No we do not.

What is a Gray Transition?2020-09-09T10:50:51-05:00

A Gray or Silver Transition involves special coloring techniques that help you grow out your natural gray, silver or white hair. Some women desire to grow out their natural color completely and stop coloring once and for all, while others only want to grow out some of their gray and blend it with natural hair coloring effects so they can greatly reduce the frequency of coloring their hair and/or get used to going gray.

There are many different ways to approach transitioning and it depends entirely on a few factors such as:

– How much density of white, gray or silver you have growing in. For example, some women are 100% white at the roots, while others are only 50% silver, or some women are only gray in the front, while others have an even amount of gray dispersed throughout, etc.

– What color you have been coloring your hair to cover your gray and how many levels of contrast exist between that color and your natural. For example, a woman who has white roots but has been coloring her hair very dark brown or black will have a very different journey than someone who has been coloring their hair blonde.

– How long your hair is and how long you want to keep it throughout the journey. This is different for everyone. Some women will choose to take the leap by getting “big chop” to remove most of their previously colored hair quickly, while others opt to keep it long so their journeys take longer. There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what YOU want.

Whatever approach we choose, the goal is always to make you feel confident and beautiful while you grow out your natural color.

We use primarily foil highlighting, however we may also do hand painted low-lighting. Kristy has designed her own set of techniques that are customized for you. She is very experienced in this type of coloring and has helped many, many women “ditch the dye” and show off their beautiful, natural hair color.

For more information about Kristy’s techniques, and to find advice and inspiration about going gray gracefully pick up a copy of “Silver Hair A Handbook” by Lorraine Massey. Click here to order!

Kristy is the only stylist performing this service currently.

Do you do foil highlights?2020-09-09T10:43:18-05:00

Yes we do!

We are experienced in different foiling techniques including “baby lights” or “micro foiling” and “foilayge” which is a combination of foiling and hand painting. Foil Highlights should still be booked as a Curl Light. If you’re unsure what would be best for you we will help guide you during your consultation based on your desired outcome and curl type.

Do you Platinum Blonde, Rainbow or Mermaid Color?2020-09-09T10:39:52-05:00

Yes we do, but only if your hair can withstand the bleaching process required to achieve those types of dramatic shades. We will never sacrifice the health and integrity of your curls to achieve a hair color. Our first priority is to maintain the health of your curls and we will make alternative recommendations if the color you’re dreaming of isn’t attainable. We always recommend doing a free consultation and strand test prior to booking your appointment.

What is the difference between a Curl Light and an All Over Color?2020-09-09T10:38:29-05:00

If you’re looking to change the entire color of your hair to one solid color from root to end, you’ll want to book an All Over Color appointment. If you’re wanting to add depth/dimension or lighten your hair substantially, you’ll likely want to book a Full Curl Light appointment.

What is the difference between a Partial Curl Light and a Full Curl Light?2020-09-09T10:38:07-05:00

A partial Curl Light is adding highlights or lowlights only to the top crown of your head and around your face, whereas a full Curl Light begins at the nape and ends at the front hairline.

How do I figure out what my curl type is?2020-09-09T10:33:35-05:00

The original curl chart can be found in the curly bible “Curly Girl: a Handbook”, but the letter/number curl typing chart has become very popular over the past few years and is probably something you have seen or heard of before.

The chart is a general guide to help you understand some of the characteristics of your hair and make choices about what kind of products to use and how to best dry your hair. It’s not an exact science, but it is a helpful tool.

NaturallyCurly.com has an easy to read chart which can be found here: Hair Types

  • Type 1: straight
  • Type 2: swavy or wavy
  • Type 3: curly, ringlets, or spirals
  • Type 4: super curly, kinky, coily or highly textured

The letters after the numer a, b, or c indicate the tightness, shape or texture of your curl within your curl type. Most people have at least 2 curls types, but some people can have 3 or even all 4.

The tighter the curl, the higher the spring factor. Some curl types will only shrink 1-2″ from wet to dry, while some curl types can shrink 10″ or more!

A fun test you can do at home is to pull a dry curl taut until it is straight and then release it without moving your hand. Measure the gap left between your fingers and the end of your curl and you’ll know how much your hair shrinks from wet to dry.

Are you experienced in working with hair loss or thinning?2020-09-09T10:13:54-05:00


It’s a common condition experience by many people for a variety of reasons (alopecia hormone fluctuations, postpartum, birth control changes, allergies, stress, diet change, weight loss or gain, medications, surgeries, etc).

Thankfully restorative hair therapies are improving every year! Kristy has a particular interest in hair loss treatments because she experienced extreme postpartum hair loss in 2018 after the birth of her second child. In July of 2020 she underwent a treatment called Palette Rich Plasma (PRP) which injects your own stem cells and into your follicles to help the body heal itself. She is working on a blog about her journey to share her experience about the therapy and its effectiveness.

I have allergies. Can I bring my own products with me to my appointment?2020-09-09T09:50:14-05:00


We are happy to accommodate you. Sensitivities and allergies are very common so we are very respectful and experienced in dealing with allergy issues.

If you have a list from your dermatologist of the ingredients you are allergic to please bring it with to your appointment and we can let you know if anything we carry is an option for you.

What products do you carry?2020-09-09T09:43:19-05:00

All of the products we carry are “curly girl safe” meaning they are free of:

  • sulfates
  • silicones
  • parabens
  • parfum or artificial fragrance

We use:

Curly World
Innersense Organic
Raw Curls Organic
AG Natural
Jessicurl (available fragrance free)

Do you use DevaCurl products?2020-09-09T09:41:29-05:00

No we do not. We discontinued carrying that product line in 2019.

Who are the stylists of Uptown Curl?2020-09-08T09:08:55-05:00

We are a diverse group of individuals with unique personalities, backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints and curl types who love making curly haired people feel beautiful.

We are committed to one common goal: making curly haired people feel beautiful, educated and empowered.

We are a curly hair sanctuary that strives to make everyone, from every background feel comfortable, accepted, and welcome.

What is a Curly Cut?2020-09-08T09:24:56-05:00

A curly cut is a blunt cut performed on dry curly hair of any type from 2A-4C.

It is a customized approach that takes into consideration your unique:

  • curl type
  • texture
  • porosity
  • shrink factor
  • lifestyle
  • allergies and sensitivities

No razors, thinning or texturizing shears will be used. We will begin with a consultation followed by a dry cut, wash, condition, product application and style lesson.

Approximately 60-90 minutes.

What is an Express Cut?2020-09-08T09:11:07-05:00

An Express Cut is an option for our returning guests who only need a reshaping from their previous Curly Cut. It is done dry, followed by a refreshing mist of conditioner water or curl refreshing spray to revive the curl.

Approximately 30 minutes.

What is the difference between a Deva Cut vs a Curl by Curl Cut?2020-09-08T09:13:08-05:00

They share the same approach of cutting curly hair in its dry, natural state that follows the shape of the head.

A Deva Cut is a specific method taught by the Deva Curl Academy in New York. Most of our stylists are Level 2 Advanced Deva Curl Stylists, and our owner Kristy is a Level 3 Deva Curl Certified Stylist. This method works well for all curl types, but especially well for types 2-3.

A Curl by Curl cut is the original method popularized by Lorraine Massey in her groundbreaking book “Curly Girl: A Handbook”. Our owner Kristy is a Curl by Curl Certified Educator.  This type works well for all curl types, but especially well for types 3-4 and those with a very strong shrink factor.  All of our stylists are trained in this method as well.

Kids Cuts:2020-09-08T09:15:22-05:00

At Uptown Curl we are committed to supporting parents of curly kids!

Everyone who works at Uptown Curl has been a curly kid themselves, and most of us have curly kids of our own so we understand the challenges in caring for curly kids hair.

Please ensure that your child’s hair is detangled to the best of your ability.

We understand that matting and dreading can occur in curly kids hair — we are equipped to help you — however please do as much at home as you can prior to your service. We reserve the right to refuse any service if your child becomes distressed during their service.

Please note that if you wish to you have your child’s hair styled you must also book a Kid Style in addition to the cut.

How to prepare for your Curly Cut or Express Cut:2020-09-08T09:18:29-05:00

Please arrive your your hair worn down, dry, and styled curly with your usual method and product routine. We like to see how you wear your hair in its usual curly state.

Please avoid blow outs, flat ironing, dry brushing, braids, headbands, pony tails and other binding devices prior to your appointment. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if your hair is not in a state that can be serviced.

What is a Curl Light (aka Pintura)?2020-09-08T09:20:01-05:00
  • Curl Lights are hand painted highlights or lowlights specifically formulated and placed for curly hair.
  • Curls are hand painted to give bright, dimensional, ribbons of color that “pop”.
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