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What is an Uptown Curl Consultation?

Curl Consultation Curly HairA complimentary Curl Consultation is included at the beginning of every Uptown Curl service. If you’re brand new to the curly world and just want to dip your toes in you can also schedule a Curl Consultation by email or even walk-in without making a commitment to getting any hair cut (but believe me, after the consultation you’ll be wanting that Curly Cut).


What makes a Curl Consultation so Important?

Curl ConsultationA Curl Consultation is a chance for you and your stylist to have a little hair heart-to-heart. You’ll share your hair’s history, your dreams and goals for your future hair, and any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. Your stylist will listen and help you come up with a plan for your hair. They’ll help you evaluate your goals and your hair’s needs, and make sure all your questions are answered. This communication is so important because it puts you at ease and helps your stylist achieve your dream hair.


Why I’d Recommend a Curl Consultation

Pexels Lucas Macario 1891709In my opinion, a Curl Consultation isn’t just a practical part of the process, it’s also a little bit magical. When you spend years of your life going to chain salons you get used to a one minute brief during which your hairstylist tells you your hair is super dry, you tell them you only want an inch off, and then you spend the rest of the cut crossing your fingers and praying your hair turns out okay. Imagine going from that to a detailed conversation with a stylist who not only understands why your hair is so dry, but has a solution to help you keep it moisturized (without losing too much length). A Curl Consultation is a confidence booster, no need for crossed fingers or last minute prayers here…just anticipation for the final result!


What will you learn from your Uptown Curl Consultation?

Curl Consultation PianoWhile a Curly Cut will cover all the styling education you’ll ever need, a Curl Consultation will prep you and your stylist for that education. If you want to paint a picture, you need to know the basics first: what colors to mix together, how the canvas you’re using impacts the brushwork, what brushes you’ll need. Curl Stylists are experienced artists and by simply looking at and feeling your hair they can give you a ton of information (kind of like how an experienced musician can read music and play a song all the way through without a ton of practice)!


My Recent Curl Consultation

When I went in for my most recent Curly Cut, I asked Kristy what she could tell me about my hair after about a minute of handling it. From years of hearing it, I was expecting the usual, “Your ends are dry, do you swim in a chlorine pool?” But instead I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information Kristy had for me. According to her, my hair: felt healthy and hydrated (going on year three of no curling or straightening with heat is finally paying off!), has a medium porosity and medium texture, and is a 2c-3a curl type. Knowing this helps determine what styling products to use as well as different techniques for styling. During the Curl Consultation I mentioned that one of my goals is to achieve more volume/texture at the roots and because of this communication, Kristy was able to give me some great tips on how to accomplish this.


Committing to a haircut can be scary, Uptown Curl understands this. Which is why we urge you to schedule your Curl Consultation today!

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